173 Drury Lane

I’ve just launched a new blog – 173 Drury Lane a place to talk about Sainsbury’s – with my friends Freddie Daniells and Max Blumberg.

Over coffee a couple of weeks ago we found ourselves interested in the fate of Sainsbury’s. (A food retailer in the UK once pre-eminent, now troubled.) We realised we each felt a sentimental attachment to this brand (in my case, because I worked for Lord (Alan) Sainsbury for a year).

We thought it would be interesting to read a weblog about Sainsbury’s. So as the company hasn’t created any that we’ve seen, we’ve created one ourselves.

We named it 173 Drury Lane, after the address of the the very first Sainsbury’s, opened in 1869.

Here’s how we describe the purpose of the blog:

We created this website because we wanted to generate an online discussion about the future of Sainsbury

4 thoughts on “173 Drury Lane

  1. Thomas

    I think Sainsburys is a very good supermarket it have inproved a lot over the year and a lot of people are seeing the changes and i personally shop there every week i used to shop at lidl and tesco but now i do all my shopping at Sainsbury’s

    The whole experience at sainsburys i would give is 10/10

  2. Mark

    I would say sainsburys is the best retaler in the world i do all my shopping there even though i have 6 tescos near me i go by car that little way more because it’s better.

    Tesco you suck and you can go to hell. Sainsburys is the best and will allways be the best.

    Everyone go to Sainsbury’s

  3. MC Justin and Peter D

    Love the Basics range, formerly known as LOW PRICE (how subtle). Can’t beat jaffa cakes and chocolate buttons for 98p.


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