37 days

Patti Digh’s weblog 37 days has caught my imagination. Experiencing the death of her stepfather over the course of 37 days has prompted some deep reflection manifested in this blog, but also in her other new and inspring site, InclusiveAshville. Here’s a sample:

Many discoveries were accidental, and came from being lost: the Big Bang, post-it notes, Jovian Moons, even GPS systems that help us get found–they were all accidental discoveries. This week, ask yourself what ship you’re staying on and what you might be losing out on by not venturing out. One day this week, be an accidental explorer: get lost, take a wrong turn, veer off the path you always take, read a magazine you would not otherwise read, connect with someone you perceive to be quite different from yourself. Take the trail rather than just read about the royal road. Get off the ship.

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