5th to 4th

James takes a day trip to the Fourth Estate.

However, it’s the interaction between blogs that makes them so interesting and influential. A single blog can be akin to a ranting madman on the corner. However, when linked together into massive intertwining communities they have the vibrancy and passion of an enormous street market, with information, opinions and whispers exchanging hands at light speed.

2 thoughts on “5th to 4th

  1. Jack Yan

    The good news about this, and this site is an example, is that only good blogs seem to be part of these networks. The ranting madman stands on the lonely street corner as the sane surreptitiously cross the road and walk on the other side.

  2. Mike Prescott

    Seems to me that this is about the difference between the photo as art and the photo as conversation. Isn’t the most interesting thinga about art lie in the conversations it inspires?


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