A deeper hum..

Chris Corrigan:

There is a kind of deeper hum within every organization – call it the culture if you like – that supports the work generates the working environement and connects to the purpose of each person. People who are highly satisfied with their jobs and organization will often feel connected to this deeper field. They resonate with the bass note the fundamental note of the chord. When this note isn’t present, it feels like work is not connected into a deeper pattern. Understand here that I am talking not about organizational purpose – it runs below that.

I wonder how many organisations manage to be silent for long enough to hear it ?

1 thought on “A deeper hum..

  1. Chris Pearse

    Nice metaphor. Reminds me of the Music of the Spheres – even the opening of the Silmarillion when Melkor strikes up his own discordant theme. I have noticed that facilitation can sometimes help uncover the fundamental note and when this happens it suddenly highlights all those that are playing their own tune.


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