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I’m not a fan of jargon but I do have a soft spot for “disintermediation”. It’s what happens to industries where a middleman is rendered obsolete by innovation. It has struck brokers and agents of all kinds.

I think the next industry in need of serious disintermediation action is publishing. I keep having conversations with authors which confirm that unless you’re a big shot writer most publishers slow things down, stifle creative ideas, stick to formulae and… basically get in the way. But with the internet, do we really need these people to help us spread our stories?

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  1. Sabrina Dent

    Kevin Kelly has written two great Cool Tools for publishing your own book…actually creating words on paper that get sold along with other books.



    Sure, there are alternatives like Creative Commons and PDF and websites, but even paper has alternatives as Kelly so helpfully outlines.


    On a much more banal level:

    Your Dalek has caught the attention of our resident five year old, who is now running around the house with a trash can over her head screaming “Disintermediate! Disintermediate!”



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