A great haircut

Shannon Cooper posts about great customer service from his hairdresser. It’s a classic tale of a small retailer who really gets how to differentiate by getting the human factor right. For me the most telling section is this:

In addition to being pretty handy with the scissors Paul is obviously an excellent leader who believes that workers who are happy are workers who take good care of customers. His hairdressers are always happy, alwailerays smiling and promote a special family feeling. They have some very rare qualities; they have great skills, coupled with commitment, job satisfaction, adaptability and motivation. And that is a potent mix that all organisations should strive for.

Look after the workers and they will look after the customers. Funnily enough, I was browsing Bill Marriott’s book (The Marriott Way) which espouses the same view. (It was next to the Bible in my Marriott hotel room).

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