A highly-caffeinated protest…

Chris Macrae points out this article from The Guardian: Campaign aims to hit Coke where it hurts

An anti-capitalist former stockbroker and the son of Sir James Goldsmith have launched an audacious attempt to halve the value of Coca-Cola’s shares.

The radical activist Max Keiser has joined forces with the editor of the Ecologist magazine, Zak Goldsmith, to launch a hedge fund that will donate the profits from short-sales in Coke’s stock to the “victims of Coke’s business model in places like India and Colombia”.

The idea is that as a boycott spreads the money in the fund will increase as shares in the company drop.

Wow, I don’t quite know what to make of this. Is it a case of legitimately using a system against itself, or a case of indulging in the very sin that you’re complaining about? Either way, take a look at the Karmabanque website for further evidence that we live in interesting times.

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