A little epiphany

The weird thing about flying down here was that the shades were down on the windows for almost all of both legs. So I was flying over some interesting places… Afgahnistan India Australia… but just took the onscreen map’s word for it. Only as we approached NZ did the shades go up, and boy, what a view. It really did feel like the end of a journey to the other side of the world: my first sight of New Zealand were the spectacular snow-capped mountains of the South Island.

And I peeked them whilst listening to one of my favourite pieces of music. Bryn Terfel and Andrea Bocelli singing the duet from The Pearl Fishers. There is something simply electric about this performance, where as it builds to a climax I feel like something mysterious and powerful happens, something that is not Terfel and not Bocelli, but something in the space between that is more than either or both. And to hear that and see those mountains at the end of a long, long flight was… awesome. Which, it appears, is the favourite word at the moment of my friend Bec’s two year old son who was here (with his mum) to greet me.

On the flight I read Joe Jaworski’s Synchronicity – The Inner Path of Leadership. I can’t remember who recommended it to me a few months back, but I’m glad they did. I’ll probably blog some snippets later.

1 thought on “A little epiphany

  1. Rob Paterson

    Welcome to your new home Johnnie.

    Great book – his first even better. Wonderful moment at the airport where he meets his new wife and at the end when he finds out what his Dad was really like

    Miss you Rob


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