A Networked World: Open Access

A Networked World: Open Access – Open Everything

Very good post by Earl Mardle referring to an article in The Scientist. This covers how the British Medical Journal takes the lead in placing its material online and opens them to debate and challenge with filters only for libel and patient confidentiality. Earl comments:

Its great to see an organisation that is wholly focused on the creation and application of knowledge being so ready to experiment positively with the idea that knowledge works best when the most possible eyeballs can see it. The British Medical Journal gets a truckload of kudos for Above and Beyond Open Access

I love especially the fact that a graduate student can participate at any level on which they are able to defend their ideas. That a student can cogently and clearly deconstruct the logical propblems behind a question, do it in public and be judged not on their position in the hierarchy but their ability to argue a case, is a very hopeful sign.

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  1. Earl Mardle

    Hmm, Pity he can’t use a spellchecker.

    I’ll fix that. Meanwhile, you may be interested in my mates in Sweden who are running a conference in May on Openaccess. I’m hoping to spend some time there around the Stockholm Challenge ceremonies, keep an eye out and I’ll publish the details.


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