A Simpler Way

I’ve been enjoying A Simpler Way by Margaret Wheatley and Myron Kellner-Rogers. I’ve found myself underlining quite a lot of it. Here’s the bit that caught my eye this morning.

Life accepts only partners, not bosses. We cannot stand outside a system as an objective, distant director. There is no objective ground to stand on anywhere in the entire universe. Our disconnection – our alleged objectivity – is an illusion; and even if we fail to realize this, the system will notice it immediately. Systemswork with themselves; if we aren’t part of the system, we have no potency. Systems do not accept direction, only provocation.

I especially like that last sentence.

3 thoughts on “A Simpler Way

  1. Jon Husband

    I own that book, and have read it several times, mainly back about 4 or 5 years ago when I was more actively involved in facilitation and OD consulting. I think OD *stuff* has gone into a lull (ageneralization) since Y2K, 9/11, a focus on business models, increasing revenues and conmtrolling costs etc. .. the further we move into the unknown territory of networked and (dare I say it) *wirearchical* dynamics, the more many people (most business people ?) want some simple answers, some guaranteed solutions and methods .. which is not exactly what Meg wheatley is suggesting.

    I do think that all this interlinkiness will cause a resurgence .. a fundamental need … for principles-based learning and co-creative processes to respond to rapid and ever-changing conditions. Just one man’s opinion.

    I also have been prvileged to meet Meg Wheatley a couple of times .. it is immediately evident that she is attentive and wise.


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