Abroad thoughts from home

It’s a grey day in London so I’m maintaining my morale by thinking of Cable Bay in New Zealand. That’s where I’m spending Christmas and New Year with friends who have just moved there. This holiday feels long overdue I feel as though I’ve quite run out of steam here for 2005 – just looking at that picture makes me feel more alive. There is something very special about New Zealand.

I’m heading out on Sunday week, and spending 8 days in Melbourne on the way – which also promises to be fun.

And right now, compared to London on a dreary winter’s day, the 24 hours I’ll spend on Singapore Airlines sounds pretty fun too.

1 thought on “Abroad thoughts from home

  1. Paul Hannay

    Hope you have a great break Johnnie. Having returned from 9 years in NZ only last year, I often get pangs of the great summer Christmas fun I used to have with my Kiwi mates.

    I’m heading back over in February to do a few sessions with an MBA Programme in Wellington, so I’ll be keen to hear of your experiences in ‘The Land of the Long White Cloud!


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