Abundant innovation

I know I bang on about this, but I keep running into examples of how abundant innovative thinking is, while large organisations and their advisers wring their hands about how hard it is.

A tweet from @thomascdaly led me to this page on Redesigning the Boarding Pass. Shedloads of creative thinking and prototyping for a better boarding pass. All generated without money changing hands.

I’d bet that several airlines have spent a lot of resources writing clever briefs and getting design gurus just to pitch for coming up with ideas like this.

Maybe there is no innovator’s dilemma. Just a bureaucrat’s dilemma: namely, how do I maintain my narrative of scarcity in the face of such wanton abundance?

2 thoughts on “Abundant innovation

  1. Johnnie Moore

    Thanks Tim. What I think is interesting is that execution is often now happening fluidly in the network. In the post I cite, there are loads of actual prototypes of alternative boarding cards.

    I see a lot of networked workers eg social entrepreneurs who able to get stuff out there very fast. Slower corporates are going to find it hard to keep up.


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