Adaptive conversations

I don’t often write about market research these days. There’s only so much mileage in berating a moribund industry.

But I thought Greg Clemenson’s post on adaptive conversations was interesting. Ok not exactly storming the MR bastille and releasing the thousands of underpaid street interviewers and bored respondents… but hey, at least reintroducting a little humanity to the tired process of getting customer feedback in a way that doesn’t shove us into the researcher’s preset boxes…

4 thoughts on “Adaptive conversations

  1. Johnnie Moore

    Thanks HNW for making me look moribund up in the dictionary. I didn’t intend to suggest the MR industry was actually dying… I should proably have said “deeply boring and unimaginative”. Still a charicature, but a more appropriate one.

    And yes, I do mean conversations. As in lively exchanges in something like real time, unmoderated by so-called experts.

    Oh, also as in a exchange of energy and ideas, rather just rhetorical questions…

  2. kevin mclean

    interesting stuff about market research… I hope that those of us who do market research are taking notice. (Why do I doubt it?) Research IS about the exchange of energy and ideas, so there.

    If conversations are the new research, can one can be an expert in conversations?

    and, Johnnie, don’t you do research yourself, all the time? didn’t you look up ‘moribund’?

    Hope you are looking forward to addressing the ENTIRE market research community on 23 March? Annual MR conference is ‘Connections’, your and James’ session should be a real highlight, am looking fwd to it. Can you tell as many bloggers/researchers that you know to check it out?

  3. Johnnie Moore

    Hi Kevin, thanks for engaging and glad you’re interested. Yes, I’m looking forward to the conference too.

    I’m a bit sceptical about experts generally and being good at conversation is surely within reach of most of us mortals.

    We’ve only got half-an-hour at the conference. We’ll try to make it engaging!


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