Adpulp on Lovemarks

Over at adpulp dburn chips in to the Lovemarks debate: Will the real Kevin Roberts please stand up. He’s not read the book yet, but challenges bloggers who don’t like it. In doing so, he sparks off a constructive discussion which I joined in.

Thanks to dburn for speaking up for Lovemarks in the blog debate. While we wait patiently for the author himself, or any of his 7000 faithful employees, to do so…

6 thoughts on “Adpulp on Lovemarks

  1. Stanley Moss

    “We realized there was an opportunity to take Cheerios to a higher emotional ground, moving it from being part of the kitchen cupboard to part of the family.”


    I used to hear this claptrap daily in my big-agency days. The shamelessness of it all is appalling. And to say they’ve re-invented the claptrap…

    It’s the difference between “getting closer to the truth” and “getting the lie to sound more believable”. That’s all it is.


    “or any of his 7000 faithful employees, to do so…”

    heh. say one word and you’re instantly fired. to think otherwise is naive and foolish.


    If Kevin doesn’t jump into this discussion, he is both an airhead and a chicken. Is that equivocal enough?

  2. AdPulp

    Veer From The Lovemarks Spectacle

    John Moore (not to be confused with Johnnie Moore) at Brand Autopsy has started something by telling domain name registrar Go Daddy to stop trying to be Big Daddy. Moore wants the dot com to put their $2.4 mil. earmarked…

  3. Crossroads Dispatches

    Open Letter to the Lunatic Fringe of Marketing

    The longer I’m in the blogosphere, the more I feel that the more-than-a-dozen-readers bloggers to date are often in the innovator camp of the innovation adoption curve (it goes innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority and laggards from


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