Affinia 50

Here’s something else I liked in New York. The Affinia 50 where I stayed. I got a really good room decorated as if by a person rather than a committee. And the staff were great helpful without a hint of weariness. The doormen would welcome us back at night saying “Welcome home” and it sounded sincere, not fake.

Details interest me. The doormen had really stylish hats instead of the usual boring semi-military peaked caps. Not designer pretention, just good outfitting that – to me – would feel good to wear, rather than some restrictive uniform. I got a real sense that this place treats its staff well, and they treat the guests well. Not rocket science, but something that seems to elude many of the chains.

They host free evening drinks for guests Monday-Thursday.. and with not a hint of trying to sell you anything.

For me, it made a refreshing change from your standard “luxury hotel” with vast retail operations on the ground floor and an apparent desire to sell you more stuff at every turn.

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