Against the monstrous regiment of flipcharts

Five years ago I flippantly (apols) proposed an international no flip chart week. Chris Corrigan has just written an excellent explanation of why this would be a good thing. And perhaps for more than a week.

I especially resonate with his observations that power accretes around a flip chart and that it leads to very linear ways of thinking.

Can I just add that there’s a similar rant to be written about tables, especially big ones.

(Though I do have a secret liking for those flip-chart sized post-its – but I never have to pay for them.)

1 thought on “Against the monstrous regiment of flipcharts

  1. Chris Corrigan

    Ooooo…you’re just a secret gear-head. Go on and wrote the rant against big tables. My basic rule is that a table should be small enough that I should be able to reach out and cuff you upside the head. Brings much more intimacy to conversations, and much better accountability also!


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