Agile Boot Camp

Neil Perkin has a written a much better explanation than I could of our planned workshop, Agile Boot Camp. As you’ll see, we’re running a shameless mutual appreciation society but if you can overlook that, I think you might have a good time.

Neil includes this point:

I believe that agility in business and communications is about responsiveness, not about velocity. It’s a critical difference.

That’s something we’ve talked about a lot. There’s a tendency to think agile is all about rushing about in a slightly manic fashion, but that belies the humanity and wisdom of the approach. In improv, scenes can go awry when the players get incredibly intense. That’s because the mania means they stop listening to each other.

Where conventional programming/planning loses out is that is reduces responsiveness (eg to customers) behind walls of perfectionism and analysis. Putting out imperfect stuff is a profoundly human thing to do; as a friend of mine is fond of saying it’s because complete each other. (More of this here and here)

Anyhoo, the gig is on September 17th, here’s the full SP.

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