And I thought there was only one

Suddenly there’s another John Moore marketing blog. I realise I’m a bit of an addict for this, but this latest is not mine. It’s produced by another John Moore, this one in the states. He’s just started it and it looks interesting: Brand Autopsy. John and I have agreed that it’s going to be handy to scapegoat and/or steal credit from each other in future!

1 thought on “And I thought there was only one

  1. Ton Zijlstra

    Ah, so now you’re in the same spot as “the two Hebigs” being Haiko Hebig ( and Heiko Hebig (, who are not related.

    Maybe you should go to a conference together with John Moore (the other one) and have your picture taken, like the Hebigs did ( It might not help end the confusion, but it’s fun.


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