Another addict…

My friend Jack Yan always insisted that mobile phones and blogging were two 21st Century phenomena he could do without. He still holds out on moblile phones but has allowed himself to be completely corrupted on blogging.

Like so many of us, his addiction started out with a little discreet reading, followed by the odd comment. Then he started to pitch in occasionally to brighten up the Beyond Branding Blog. I’d tease him about this, and he would reply much in the style of a character in British anti-drugs advertising, “sure I blog occasionally, but I can handle it…”.

Well it now seems the addiction has taken full hold and he’s now started blogging unashamedly under his own name. Jack’s got a really interesting perspective on branding and wider issues. He’s a Chinese-born New Zealander with fingers in various international pies, including his own fashion website and printed magazine.

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