Another plea for full Feeds

I am very pleased that Tom Guarriello has switched to a full RSS feed (here it is). Now I can enjoy his really great blog more easily.

A quick google shows I am far from alone in preferring full feeds.

If you think a summary feed will boost site traffic I’d suggest you think again. The real thing most bloggers want is connections. The easier you make it for people to engage with your thoughts the more likely you are to get connected. A summary feed doesn’t do that as well as a full feed.

What about folks who only want a summary? My experience is there aren’t many of them. But for the minority who prefer to read summaries, you could always provide a summary as an option.

Will a full feed suck up bandwidth? I doubt it, but I’d be interested to hear the experience of others. From my stats, I reckon that my full feeds account for only one-third of my bandwidth use this month. I don’t know what deal you’re on, I’m running way below the 5MB ICDSoft give me. So I could stand a heck of a lot more visitors before worrying about it.

[UPDATE]Mark at CSR China says he likes this blog even though I’m “another that can post endlessly on RSS feeds and excerpts and stuff”. Ok, Mark, point taken. I won’t turn this into an obsession.

2 thoughts on “Another plea for full Feeds

  1. Martin

    Hi Johnnie,

    myself and a few friends took a good look (and think) about this subject recently, after Rich…! from Hello_World complained about my tendencies towards summaries… So, yesterday, I switched – and I tend to agree with you.

    About the bandwidth, I see it this way: If you’re getting only summary feeds, you have to visit the site, and download everything on the site (headers, background images, etc). Full feeds on the other hand only involve the site canvas being downloaded if a comment is posted. So, full feeds should (I believe), not be more expensive. In fact, in many cases, they could save bandwidth.

  2. Johnnie Moore

    Martin: I would have thought so too, though I think it will vary with how often you update and then there are mysterious factors to do with often readers come checking…


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