3 thoughts on “Apple is not that great

  1. The Newest Industry

    Dear Steve Jobs: Please go to your room…

    Grow up.
    Via David and Johnnie and Geek News Central and Kevin and Dan…
    But Apple could care less about blogs, because they tell us what we want…right?
    Think I will be buying the Archos Gmini 200 now.

  2. Tom Asacker

    And the customers continue to buy! Blogs will influence customer behavior the same day that people stop purchasing gas guzzling SUV’s.

  3. Tom Asacker

    Tom: Interesting comment which seems quite unrelated to my post.

    You’re a blogger and I assume you blog for reasons other than influencing customer behaviour. So do I. Who are you really arguing with here Tom?

    PS Try telling Kryptonite that blogs don’t influence customers.


    I guess I’m arguing with myself, Johnnie. 😉

    As a form of communication, blogs are indeed powerful. As you point out, it quickly brought Kyrptonite’s quality issue with their bike locks to the buying public’s attention. But it was influential because it mattered to them as customers.

    I don’t think kids will stop buying iPods because of Steve Jobs views of “openness” any time soon. Heck, most bloggers continually bash Microsoft and it hasn’t seemed to hurt them much.

    Just a thought on the present state of influence of social technologies on commerce.


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