Applied Improv Conference

This autumn’s Applied Improv Conference (New York Sept 29-Oct 2) is looking set to be a great event.

We’ve just added an opening session on the Thursday evening called The Joy of Singing. This was – for me – the oustanding breakout session of 2004 and will be a brilliant way to open the main conference. I think of myself as tone deaf but I found it one of the most exhilerating experiences of my life.

I’m also looking forward to the pre-conference session Performing the Brand. So much thinking about brands comes from a mechanistic way of thinking in which a few clever people decide what a brand is. I much prefer to think of brands as emerging from the interplay of everyone involved with them. That means they are the result of improvisation not calculation. This session will be a chance to play with this kind of thinking.

The rest of the conference will be Open Space, though with a series of preplanned sessions as well. If you’re able to get to New York at the end of September, I heartily recommend it.

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