Appreciating innovation

Euan says:

The biggest challenge facing organisations is not so much coercing people into being more innovative as getting themselves out of the way when people try to innovate.

Innovation almost always comes out of frustration with the status quo and is almost inevitably disruptive. If you don’t let people find fault with how you do things currently or begin to disrupt your perfect systems then you are unlikely to experience innovation.

Yes I’m a big fan of getting out of the way. When organisations talk about driving innovation I wonder if a better conversation would be about recognising it.

3 thoughts on “Appreciating innovation

  1. sig

    “driving innovation” – excellent observation!

    Much to be gleaned from how we express ourselves indeed…

    Have the same problem with “manage innovation” or even anything “manage” in fact (unless horses in a manège that is).

  2. Jack Martin Leith

    When corporate people are afraid of something they tend to prefix it with the word “managing” and turn it into a training course or a business process: managing stress, managing change, managing diversity, managing innovation (thanks Johnnie!).


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