Backing the bid (the French one!)

Simon who commented on my post I’m not backing the bid emailed me. He points to a website for those – like me – who are fed up with ads in London instructing us to support the 2012 Olympic bid. The official website asks for votes of support but provides no place for dissent.

Well someone has responded with nolondon2012 where you can now NOT back the bid. It also points to a French site where you can back the Paris bid. Which I did.

2 thoughts on “Backing the bid (the French one!)

  1. Alex Schleifer

    How ironic, I’m French and I actual back the London bid. 🙂 The second we start looking at the Olympic games purely as a financial and/or infrastructure benefit we’re doing things wrong. It could give an entire generation something amazing to remember (and admitedly, quite possibly huge debts) and in the process show the world that London isn’t only chips, fish and Guv’nors. Maybe I’m just being overly romantic about the whole thing. In any case, thanks for backing Le Bid, I’ll back London’s (proof here) so we’re effectively cancelling each other out. There!


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