I’m blogging this mostly to get it out of my brain where it’s been revolving for a few minutes.

For a long time I’ve talked to anyone who’ll listen about the value of increasing emotional bandwidth between people. It’s an intentional metaphor that tries to convey what can happen when people working together develop greater trust. It means more stuff can be exchanged.

I’m now thinking of linking this to David Kantor’s stuff about the three languages of families/organisations: the language of action/power; the language of meaning; and the language of feeling.

My hunch is that there can be a synergy here. If we increase our capacity in one of these areas it can support increased bandwidth in others. Whereas we sometimes think, for example, that action means stamping over feelings or the other way round.

Just thinking.

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  1. Ian Glendinning

    Thanks for the heads-up on Kantor. I think your instinct is a good one – the skills, of listening, mirroring, empathy etc, are presumably transferable. One of the obvious dangers is trying to use the wrong repertoire/frames in the wrong situations – treating family members like work colleagues etc.

    Best book I’ve read on listening : “Time to Listen: Listening to Ignite the Human Mind” by Nancy Kline.

    Am about to read Hugh McKay’s book on listening.



    Hi Johnnie,

    Trust is high on my agenda these days in all information communicated. I like the emotional bandwidth idea. You can build stocks of mutual trust by exploiting all available channels to gain that bandwidth, not just the explicit “business” channels and communications.

    In the old days it would have been the water-cooler conversations, or the beer after hours / or other extra-curricular activity with colleagues / business contacts. These days it’s supplemented of course with the social media channels, within and beyond the (explicit) work environment.

    Must check out David Kantor. Thanks.


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