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I’m going to a workshop at the end of this month led by Shawn Kinley and Steve Jarand who are coming over from the Loose Moose improv company in Canada. The theme is Mask and Improvisation (pdf) and I think it will be fascinating. Shawn is that rare combination of awesome performer and teacher. I also remember taking a short mask workshop before and being blown away by the experience. As the blurb says:

Our minds are conditioned to seek out and create powerful emotional responses to faces.

The use of masks is extensive with their use in rituals and occurs throughout the world reaching into our pre history. Masks today are used by skilled practitioners in theatre technique and organisations for deep self discovery and expression.

There are still places available if you want to join me.

2 thoughts on “Behind the mask

  1. Stuart Reid

    That’s a nice invitation, and I would have joined you but have a prior commitment to take a 5 year old to the theatre on the Saturday. But I’d be interested to hear about your experience afterwards.

    I’ve recently booked myself on the February version of this:

    partly because I missed the session you organised a while back, but also because I am finding more and more links between improv and the facilitation and mediation training that I’m involved with. Perhaps we should meet up to compare notes again after we’ve had our respective improv boosters?



  2. Johnnie Moore

    Hi Stuart, thanks for the comment – in fact, I’ve just booked for Sprout’s Improv Singing workshop on 24th. They’re good chaps, I recommend them! Let’s for sure meet up after…


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