Dave Snowden says this video on how to do a “Peer Assist” put him a curmudgeon role.

See how far into the cartoon you get before it has the same effect on you. I hit curmdugeon mode about 40% in. The combination of teletubbies soundtrack, monotonous voiceover and a severe case of best-pratice-itis was just too much.

The basic idea of peer assist seems very sane and human. But it’s ruined for me when it’s turned into a series of rigid-sounding principles that make it all sound very antiseptic and incredibly laborious.

2 thoughts on “Best-practice-itis

  1. Tom Guarriello

    Ditto! I kept thinking to myself, why not do one of these for Open Space or a World Cafe, instead of something so seemingly innocuous.

    But yeah…teletubbies solving problems. The good side of this though is that for many non-facilitators, this isn’t really a half bad introduction to tapping the wisdom of your mates.


    Well…here’s my dilemma.

    Honesty vs. Reputation.

    Let’s go with honesty.

    As a New Yorker, I got about 30 seconds into the thing before the invectives started to fly.

    Here’s my advice: Duck before you show that video to a New York company.

    Of course, I’m only 5% kidding…this is not the way to talk to adults.


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