3 thoughts on “Best practices

  1. Mike McLaughlin


    I knew some read my Marketprofs article. The use of best practices has been a serious pet peeve of mine for years, and based on the email I received, I’m not alone.

    Thanks for mentioning it.


  2. Uri Baruchin

    lamenting “best practice” is always enjoyable:

    1. to define a best practices you need to reverse-engineer from result to method

    2. …and so most are either – too generalized to be helpful with specific problems, or too atomized to be restructured practically. (this is true for most reverse engineering in the “softer” subjects)

    saying best practices often actually means:

    – building on experience in a world of disruption and fluid rules.

    – building on gut feelings, in subjects that are built on complex, contradictory or just messy theoretical disciplines.

    – using imitation in a world where very few players actually know what their doing and even they use a lot of trial and error.

    every best practice should come with a use with caution label…


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