Better meetings – online course now live

betterm.jpgViv and I have developed an online course with James Allen of Creative Huddle.

It’s up and running: Better Meetings the Online Course

It complements the ideas developed in our free book, Creative Facilitation.  Over eight episodes we look at ways you can get more life and engagement into meetings – often by making some quite simple changes to furniture or format.

We kick off talking about working at the edge of your comfort zone – it’s basically the place you have to go if you’re really keen to break out of convention and create something new.  After that, we talk about:

– Expectations and invitations
– Staging
– Challenging hierarchy
– Sharing information
– Interlude
– Movement and play
– Endings

We’ve aimed to keep it conversational, concise and down-to-earth. Sometimes the challenge of breaking out of boring meeting trances can seem daunting… it needn’t be.

If you sign up, use the discount code earlybird20 and get 20% off.

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