Beyond the flipped classroom

Shelley Wright explains how she “flipped” her classoom teaching.

The flipped classroom essentially reverses traditional teaching. Instead of lectures occurring in the classroom and assignments being done at home the opposite occurs. Lectures are viewed at home by students, via videos or podcasts (found online or created by the teacher), and class time is devoted to assignments or projects based on this knowledge.

The interesting thing is, she found after a while that the students went beyond the flip.

As this new way of learning played out over time, my students found they didn’t need me to locate or create videos for them. Instead, they learned how to learn.. our classroom had become a place where students discovered and shared their own resources, while engaging in projects with each other. There was no need for me to assign video homework or create portable lectures. It all happened during class.

I also liked her reasons for not wanting to revert to a flipped classroom (and I assume there writ large for conventional teaching). For instance, she dislikes giving homework and “a lecture by video is still a lecture”.

Corporate trainers, take note.

Hat tip: David Gurteen

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