Blog depression

I enjoyed Jennifer Rice’s recent post on Blog Depression linking to Nonist’s Public Service Pamphlet on the topic. I went through a bout of content anxiety earlier this month and decided just to stop reading and writing blogs for a while. I’m still in recovery but I notice that I have found the will to post again. No good posting just for the sake of it.

1 thought on “Blog depression

  1. Adrian Trenholm

    It’s the bit about “context anxiety” that I like – the viewing of anything and everything as a potential blog post, which causes overwhelm and anxiety in the blogger.

    I was really struggling – I posted only twice in two months. Then I deleted a whole file of “to blog” reminders and cut my rss feeds by half. Since then, I have posted 26 times on 2 blogs in the last 8 days. I will have to slow down soon, but I think there’s something to be said for having fewer inputs, and being prepared to just let stuff go without blogging it.


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