Blogging and truth

In her post Authenticity and all costs? Aleah asks

As freelancers or business owners, our “boss” is our client base. With every blog post we take the chance that what we say may not be well received. Some of us have stepped lightly or taken the high road by keeping our thoughts benign. Some have opted to speak openly about numerous smoking barrels – nevermind the aftermath.

I’d like to think in the quest for wisdom and enlightenment, truth shall prevail. Problem is, everyone has his / her own version of that truth.

Will you take the chance just to speak from the heart, or are you confidently rail sitting to avoid ostracizing clients or being fired?

I make this stuff up as I go along. No seriously, I do. I edit my posts, I tend to tone the language down a bit, I don’t set out to offend (ok, there may be one or two exceptions to that). And… I don’t think placating imagined potential clients makes for fun writing or reading.

As a sweeping generalisation, I prefer to think people are more tolerant than we give them credit for. And when dogs greet each other by barking furiously, only to end up sniffing bottoms, they’re doing what humans do too – though we might use words to achieve the same goal.

But I’m a free agent. I’m sure it may not be so easy for employees.

1 thought on “Blogging and truth

  1. Aleah

    Let me say, I am glad you are not a dog about right now. 🙂

    You’re right – why do we treat every new person like they are our grandmother. Most adults can take what we throw at them.


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