Blogging at tipping point?

Jennifer Rice first pointed to these stats on blogging a few days ago. Jennifer and I were chatting about them on the phone yesterday, and Robert Paterson highlights the same story with the heading Blogging – Tipped? The stats are interesting.

As a professional researcher I take all of these numbers with a pinch of salt. So there may be 2.5 million U.S. bloggers or there may be 8.8 million. The real question such numbers help answer is, “Is it bigger than a bread box? Are we talking small, medium or large?”

Remarkably, when the Pew study first came out, AP spun the story as 2 percent being a surprisingly small number of bloggers ( attached the headline to that story: “Study: Very few bloggers on Net”.) Yet, blogger Rogers Cadenhead notes that Pew’s low-end estimate of the number of blogs is more than the 2.2 million copies that USA Today prints on regular weekdays, the country’s biggest newspaper.

I think something pretty cool is starting to happen here. Jennifer has asked me to support her on an international branding project – and we only know each other through trading our thoughts and ideas in blogs. I didn’t expect that to happen… and it’s really interesting to reflect on the impact on this work of us both being out here in public blogging. I realise that it creates a working relationship in which openness becomes especially important and valued.

That feels pretty significant. We’re creating a working relationship where there is multiplier for openness. And handling a branding project that – a few years ago – could really only have been done by a conventional agency. If this sort of thing becomes more established, that must have interesting implications for these businesses.

2 thoughts on “Blogging at tipping point?

  1. Robert Paterson

    Yes John – something special is going on for sure. Look at Jon’s trip through Europe – a network is forming indeed

  2. Marketing Tom

    Blogs as PR and Marketing tools

    The rapid rise of web logs (blogs) over the past year has not gone unnoticed by companies, and especially by people involved in Marketing and PR. These people are now involved in developing their own blogs to talk up/add value


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