Blogging endorsed

From an article in Business 2.0, an endorsement of blogging:

Thanks to the combination of using a newsreader and plugging into a few good blogs (which then plug into more, and so on …), I’ve created a hot list of business-oriented information that doesn’t just rival my old information-gathering habits, it blows them away. Not only do I spend less time searching and more time learning, but I’ve also joined a challenging and diverse community of minds and business interests. Once you’re in this kind of web, you don’t leave it — you’d be out of the loop. And in business, being out of the loop means death.

(Thanks to Robert Scoble for the link)

1 thought on “Blogging endorsed

  1. KnowProSE

    The future is in my aggregator

    The Ourhouse Weblog: Blogging endorsed points to Why Blogs Mean Business (courtesy Robert Scoble), and all I can say is that: Someone finally gets it. …Folks have forgotten that blogs work because people have something to say and others find…


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