Blogging keeps the ice cubes chinking

I had lunch with Adriana today and we explored some metaphors for how blogging might help companies create better brands.

Here’s my effort: A company that lets its people blog is like a drink on the rocks. There are all those separate cubes in there. They all have separate forms but fit inside the glass.. not neatly but they’re in there. And when you shake the glass, the chink against other in a way that’s appealing.

If the company tries standardising, instead of celebrating, the diverse voices of its employees… well it becomes like a glass full of crushed ice or just melted water. Space efficient perhaps, but no nice chink… just not as interesting to listen to.

3 thoughts on “Blogging keeps the ice cubes chinking

  1. Johnnie Moore

    Next time you have lunch with Adriana, maybe consider eating some food as well as drinking – it’s good for the metaphors 😉

    Sounds a bit like a Swiss Tony quote from the Fast Show.

    Can we catch up soon? May have some work we could do together….


    Oh dear, Swiss Toni? I’m regretting posting this already! (I’ll give you a call when I get over the pain…)


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