8 thoughts on “Blogs and business “oil and water”

  1. Like It Matters

    Biz Blogging

    Though the rhetorical convention of a series of fake blog entries is pretty cheesy, this BusinessWeek cover piece offers yet another mainstream argument for the power of business blogging. [Aside: Why is it not blogged?] What better way to have…

  2. David Burn

    While I like to advocate for the use of blogs by business, I must say this chap has presented a well-crafted argument.

    I especially like this bit, “The blogging phenomenon has been mostly about grass-roots politics and activism. Yet, a large amount of the hype from a growing movement of self-interested bloggers would have you believe that business will not survive if it doesn

  3. Martin

    Dudu: Thanks for the link!

    David: Thanks for the comment. I get that exaggerated claims about revolution can be a bit much.

    But I think to point vaguely at hordes of the holier than thou can be a distraction. A distraction from some basic observable information about the fast growth of blogs, and the clear instances where companies have been affected by blogging, for good or ill – from Kryptonite on the downside, to Microsoft of Stonyfield Farms on the up.


    Like I always say:

    Business is nothing but people. Unfortunately, business thinks it knows better.

  4. Stefan's Branding Blog

    Much Ado About Nothing

    There’s been much ado lately in the blogosphere about businesses having had enough with the blogging already. I didn’t take Thickins’ article too seriously at the time, because I knew otherwise from firsthand experience as a blogger, company owner, and


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