Blogs can pay

I’ve just had a conversation with Ton Zijlstra, talking on Skype and seeing his face via Yahoo messenger and his webcam. He introduced me to his new Wiki. (Wiki: a website where a visitor can edit the pages). It includes a growing collection of stories of how blogging can help build business – well worth reading (and writing in!). Headings include:

The job interview

The business magnet

The business model

Hired as lecturer

The catalyst for self-transformation

Hired as researcher

Blogs can pay

I don’t think of myself as a design snob but Ton has made his Wiki look a lot nicer than the plain text ones I’ve seen and it certainly feels more inviting as a result.

1 thought on “Blogs can pay

  1. Wayne (Cutting Through...)

    great link, thanks for flagging it. you’re right, there is something about changing the design that makes it more inviting and less technically scary!


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