Blogs that make me think

Mark tagged me and so it’s my turn to name 5 blogs that make me think. Well loads do that of course but here are 5 that I feel like crediting this morning.

Dave Snowden

Dave Pollard

Earl Mardle

Andrew Sullivan

Jon Husband

What they all have in common is a willingness to be irascible sometimes, a tendency to force my little grey cells into a few aerobics, and an appetite for debate. It’s up to them if they want to continue the tag game.

2 thoughts on “Blogs that make me think

  1. Cognitive Edge

    Blog memes

    Another of these chain letters appeared in my RSS feed today. Johnnie Moore has generously tagged me as one of 5 blogs that make me think. Even better he had designed me as irascible with an appetite for debate, and…


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