Bored at Berkeley

A tweet from David Smith led me to this post by Alan Cann. Alan shows this soporific video; it’s from an extensive range published by UC Berkeley on YouTube.

I feel a bit guilty picking on this particular lecturer as there are plenty of others there who are comparable. And of course I welcome Berkeley making its content freely available in this way. But, oh dear, it’s a reminder that lectures really suck as a way of engaging an audience in a learning journey. I never went to any after my first week at Uni.

And it makes me wonder even more what role universities imagine they are going to play in a networked world. Because if they think their old content will cut the mustard, they’d better get a new education.

Incidentally, Berkeley’s home page on YouTube has an amusing video running. It says that there you see (UC, geddit?) a place alive with purpose and passion. Hmm, nice lipstick but what’s that oinking sound?

Bonus link: Rob wonders if another promotional mainstay of University 1.0 is looking a bit flaky too.

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