Bring out the instruments…

Another pithy post from Matt this time on Myers-Briggs and similar ways of classifying people.

The more I am exposed to these tools, the more they remind me of MBTI and HBD approaches in personality typing – a useful place to start but a terrible place to finish.

…If facilitated with a lightness of touch and a respect for people’s experiences this can lead to a useful discussion on difference and diversity.

The problem occurs when you take this stuff too seriously.

I think the fact these things are called “instruments” is a good clue to the thinking they often promote, however much their supporters protest otherwise.

Anyway, in Matt’s spirit of not taking these things too seriously, better fetch the comfy chair (Don’t say you didn’t see this coming)

1 thought on “Bring out the instruments…

  1. Jeremy Sweeney

    Lovely piece on the role of models of working with people. My summary, when asked about Myers Briggs etc, is to say that so long as they are indicative, rather than definitve, of any given person, then it is more grist to the mill.


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