Busy coupla days

I’m off to a meeting of the London Fast Company of Friends in a few minutes. The theme is the book Beyond Branding, which I co-wrote last year. Not sure who else is going to be there but I am looking forward to a sparky debate.

Then tomorrow I’m co-hosting an Open Evening with my friends at The Clarity Partnership. The theme for that is “The Elephant Under the Table:Speaking the Unspoken”. We’re planning a lively evening sharing our ideas of what supports change in organisations and what just gets in the way.

And on Thursday I’ll be running a one-day workshop on Improv and Storytelling for managers of an international hotel group. I’m really looking forward to that – it brings together many of the themes that excite me – how brands are created in-the-moment by the engagement of the people working there. It will be very experiential, just the way I love to work…

Expect light blogging, as they say.

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