Can relationships be audited?

I’m just off to the Relationships Foundation this morning to learn about the Relationship Audit tool. This should be an interesting challenge to my own mental models as I’m wary of the language of “tools” in business and of measurement in relationships. On the other hand I like the spirit behind the Relationships Foundation and feel there are things I can learn here. I’ll let you know how I get on…

1 thought on “Can relationships be audited?

  1. Jon Strande

    Johnnie, I was recently invited to speak at a technology conference for CIO’s about metrics. The outline I submitted, and haven’t heard back from them about, was titled:

    “How do you measure passion (love)?”

    The premise, obviously, is that you really don’t need metrics to measure employee productivity. Some people, as we all know, are more passionate then others… so, beforing resorting to a bunch of metrics, do stuff to get the unengaged, engaged. Then, if you still need metrics – for whatever reason – go ahead and use them if you really must…

    Can’t wait to hear about the relationship audit!!



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