Captain Copyright

Dr Weinberger points in disbelief at the Captain Copyright website. He says

The site, set up by the Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency, suggests lame activities for teachers eager to inculcate copyright totalitarianism in their young charges. It’s unintentionally hilarious.

It is indeed a bizarre effort, which I am sure the average kid would regard with bewilderment if not contempt. Apparently, they are expected to vote for creating a copyright signal to be projected into the air to summon the Captain to… er… get everyone to stop copying things. As Hugh would say, beyond lame.

3 thoughts on “Captain Copyright

  1. Joel

    I concur with this as being supremely lame:) I took an anthropology class in college where the teacher taught via satellite as well as gave out tests in the same manner. The only way for him to tell if we were cheating was to verbally abuse use over the big screen television. Something out of a Philip K. Dick novel, I know:)


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