Ceaucescu moment

Jack Yan reports another example of marketing folks not seeming to get online media. He relates it to the recent Wall St Journal piece trashing blogs. I try to follow a self-denying ordinance so as not to get drawn into arguments about this. In the end, like Hugh, I find the debate feels a bit irrelevant.

Still I find myself provoked to dig out this online video of Nicolae Ceaucescu (one I’ve used before), as a reminder of the dangers of “misunderestimating” noisy crowds…

2 thoughts on “Ceaucescu moment

  1. Stefan's Branding Blog

    One Salient Point In Romania’s Nation Brand

    is the former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. And he ain’t gonna fade out of the global public memory any time soon. If Johnnie’s using him as a reference (incidentally, in a post on the dangers of misunderestimating noisy crowds), then his


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