Change and frustration

I loved this from Chris Corrigan. He’s talking about the difficulties of change.

We don’t know what we are doing. Everything we have been doing so far has resulted in what we have now. The work of social change – paradigm shifting social innovation – is not easy clear or efficient. If you are up for it you will confront some of the the following all of the time:

Confusion about what we are doing.

A temptation to blame others for where we are at.

Conflict with people that tell you you are wasting their time.

A feeling of being lost overwhelmed or hopeless.

Fear that if you try something and it fails, you will be fired, excluded or removed.

Demands for accountability and reprimands if things don’t work out.

Worry that you are wasting your time and that things are not going according to plan.

A reluctance to pour yourself into something in case it fails.

A reticence to look at behaviours that are holding you back.

Many conversations about change in organisations seem rooted in the notion that things should be easy. I found Chris’ post (and I recommend the whole thing) very comforting because it nails that fantasy.

1 thought on “Change and frustration

  1. Oli Watts

    Outstanding post and really liked your conclusions. Particularly comforting to me at the at the moment.

    Noticed that Chris mentioned this specifically to do with social change – I think its true for any kind of non-linear knowledge based work, where the end point can be as nebulous as the start.


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