Change for a tenner?

My friend Oli Barrett has emailed me about his latest idea.

We’re giving 10 000 young people a £10 note, and one month to do as much as possible with it. It’ll launch next January 29th. There’ll be prizes (50k) for the best social enterprise ideas, and for the most profit making.

I love this idea, and especially the spirit in which it is being done: let’s assume that young people are bright and creative and do something playful to help bring it out. More details here.

It makes me wonder if a CEO somewhere would rather do a variation of this to foster change in their organisation, instead of hiring a team of very pricey consultants.

I enjoyed seeing Oli explain the idea on the BBC’s Working Lunch show. (To see this, follow this link in the next few days and select the Thursday 16 November show. Oli’s on in the last 5 mins or so.) I laughed at the contrast between the interviewer’s repeated, very English brand of pessimism and Oli’s trademark unstoppable good cheer.

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