Chasing Birds

From Bernadette Doyle’s Client Magnets newsletter

A metaphor that I often use to describe the Client Magnets approach is the image of two boys in a garden. One of them is frantically chasing after birds; the other just stands still holding out birdseed in his hand and waits. Instinctively most of us recognise that the latter will be more successful. Yet most sales and marketing techniques involve some form of chasing with the net result that prospective clients are scared away.

1 thought on “Chasing Birds

  1. Jack Yan

    Yes, but there must be some hunting. At the beginning, when starting up, ooh, say, a magazine, I think you need the hunter. Or, as our director of advertising puts it, the tigress. What she does is creates the brand, hence your first ad person must represent everything you stand for. In her visits, she creates the magnet, birdseed, whatever analogy you wish to use. As the brand takes hold, then you no longer need to chase, or, rather, there is less emphasis on it. (We would never give up our Lisa though. In Auckland, she is the Lucire brand.)


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