Chris Corrigan on living systems

Rob and I did our latest Phoric podcast with Chris Corrigan, who was pretty awesome. Chris never fails to provoke and engage and his choice of videos was fascinating.

The first features a guy who learnt how to move huge stones using small ones. He shows how on his own he can move a one-ton block 300 feet per hour. Then he shows how he can move a whole barn using the same principles or lift a massive block up high. Remarkable. As I say to Chris in our chat, it rehabilitates the whole of idea of leverage in organisations.

He says that “gravity is my favourite tool” and I love the notion of using the least effort to achieve a result. What a great video – I’d think of showing it to a group of people trying to tackle a challenge as a bit of inspiration.

Chris other choices are equally engaging, and if you listen to the podcast, see if you get as seduced by Chris’ worldview as I always do.

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2 thoughts on “Chris Corrigan on living systems

  1. Jeremy Sweeney

    Great videos from Chris. Hope this finds you well – desert Island video looks better and better! Jeremy

  2. neomi

    There are five methods we must use when communicating according to kabbala… and they should be used with everyone in the manner that is appropriate to them. first show LOVE [CHESED}: which means a form of connection i.e when we talk to a spouse or child we use the term ‘i love you’ when we speak to a employee we say ‘we have been working alongside for a while..’ next we bring up what needs to be dicussed in the catagory of DISCIPLINE [GEVURA] there is a problem that needs to be solved.. ( separate the relationship from the problem) next we bring in some PRAISE[TIFERET]- only after because “hey if he can be honest with me then the praise is accepted, if praise comes before the ‘discipline’ it sounds fake afterwards (try it “youre amaazzing,buuut… -the praise sounds fake, rather say after). then we procceed to to direct out how the problem should be corrected in the catagory of DIRECTION [NETZACH] and then we finish off with GRATITUDE[HOD]… this is a correct form of communication that shows love and is applicatable in all situations.. for eg: “Mr Black thank you for working so long for our company(connection), we seem to be having difficulties proccessing the infomation you discover to the rest of the company (discipline), and you really do a great job in the discovery department(praise). Please follow the following directives… thank you very very much yours truly. Try it with a spouse or a child … “Babes I love you to heaven and back(love);but it drives me crazy to see the toothpaste left open(discipline), even if you do have the most sparkly pretty and deliciouus little teeth on earth(praise), please screw the cap on again each time(directives), thank you soooo much(gratitude)” –

    I hope you try this method and it brings only helpfullness and serenity in your life… 😉

    This is a very shortened paragraph of one of the works of Rabbi Yitzchok Ginsburg.. enjoy! – written by a friend of Pinis


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