It’s not about how much your product engages with the customer. It’s about how much your product allows your customer to engage with other people.

Reminded me of what James and I say in our Co-Creation Rules – in fact it prompted me to put this slightly rewritten thought there:

Marketing 1.0 treats customers as objects of communication: marketing is done to them. In co-creation everyone is a subject (in the grammatical sense) — an initiator of action a creator. Your brand, and your marketing, are the objects everyone gets to play with – if you’re lucky. Miss this point, and you may head the same way as the music industry…

1 thought on “Co-creating

  1. Nick Smith

    Hey Johnnie,

    I recently stumbled across a song that is taking YouTube by storm. Numa Numa. What amazed me was that you can’t purchase this song in North America. The industry remains dilligent on selling it only in the tiny region near Croatia where it came from. Leaving youth all over the world secretly (and not so secretely) “sharing/stealing” it. Though you would enjoy this tidbit.

    Also wanted to say I continue to give out the co-creation manifesto to all my clients. Its a wonderful tool and the best resource on co-creation I have found. So thank you.



    Ahh yes, me thinks this has universal appeal. Isn’t it in letting go of the idea of separate interests (no subject or object) that we also acknowledge that part of us that needs to feel to the connection between us, the part that seeks for confirmation that we are not separate?


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