Paul Goodison blogs this extract from a site on co-intelligence.

Co-intelligence is the capacity to live well WITH each other and life, creatively using diversity and uniqueness, consciously evolving together in partnership with nature, and consciously transforming culture. Co-intelligence is intrinsic in all living systems and can always be improved. Use it for organizational development, better family relations, community renewal, and creating a more just, democratic and sustainable society.

This is very much the theme of the work I do using Improvisation; getting people to create collectively something that is much more that the sum of their individual thoughts and ideas. It’s a practice that celebrates diversity and empowers everyone to see that they are part of a creative process.

4 thoughts on “Co-intelligence

  1. rabiu oriyomi

    co intelligence may be closely akin to emotional intelligence it is aimed at bringing the best in us as individuals other and the enviroment.

    it will aid understanding ofl aid self and others strength and limitations thereby striking a balance in our relationships


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